4 types of love.

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Levi’s street style

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and so the lotr!naruto spree continues :D Tolkien’s elves seem to identify their family via the lineage of their ancestor, hence the name. After i drew the House of Indra!Uchiha, of course I had to draw the Hyuuga clan next. Neji’s carrying an Elvish blade- he’s very good at swordfighting. Hanabi is actually wearing sparring clothes, that’s why it looks a little bit more like travelling clothes/armour rather than the typical elvish dress Hinata’s wearing. I tried to make Hanabi look older than in canon because in this au, they’re all supposed to be almost adults, and naturally took some liberties with her design! Hinata roughly corresponds to Arwen, and Hiashi Elrond. 

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4 types of love.

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There are so many talented graphic makers in this fandom whose work often times don’t get enough recognition due to a lot of traffic in the Noragami tag. Other fandoms like the SnKNoragami and FMA has been successful in solving this by creating a general “edit tag”. I know the tag is utilized but few know it, so I want remind the bleach fandom that there is a tag to our edits too: #bleachedit

What is #bleachedit?

  • a special tag for graphic makers to use for all their Bleach edits 
  • things to tag as #bleachedit [gifs, graphics, edited manga caps basically anything visual]
  • things NOT to tag as #bleachedit [text posts, personal stuff, reposted edits, reposted fanarts, rps, audio posts] 

How does #bleachedit work?

Why should I use #bleachedit?

  • it makes hunting and reblogging Bleach graphics easier
  • It’s possibly the best way to discover new graphic makers and meet fellow Bleach fans

Start tracking this tag so that you can see even more gorgeous Bleach posts on your dash. Help us promote #bleachedit :)

[thanks for ikyhiyori for letting use part of her post]

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Would it be okay if I were to do a gifset like your behind the name thing if I also give you credit for the inspiration?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

I can’t see why not

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I am a GHOUL.

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Korra Week Day 1: Alone

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Korra has PTSD and how alone she must feel but then I remembered that no one is ever really alone. There are those watching over you even though you may not see them.

also i originally wasn’t gonna do a korra week thing but it literally just happened that i finished this today and it fit the theme so yay me

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Prepare for trouble!

Make it double!

To protect the world from devastation!

To unite all peoples within our nation!

To denounce the evils of truth and love!

To extend our reach to the stars above!

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